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Since 2005 we are producing illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters with high precision.
Our company is experienced on the production of aluminum channel letters, chrome channel letters (inox channel letters and stainless steel channel letters), acrylic channel letters, led illuminated channel letters, neon channel letters, channel letters with trims, wooden letters, styrofoam letters, pvc letters, foam letters, copper channel letters, brass channel letters. All these built up letters are provided with hanging apparats.
In the last 12 years we are the most compatible and highly experienced company about built up letter and sign manufacturing and installation in Saudi with our 80 coworkers and we are Install our products Riyadh , Jeddah , Dammam , Makkah, Madinah , Hail , Bishah , Jazan and Al-Qassim. Our product range is totem (pylon), signage, lightbox, channel letters, textile frames, led frames, digital printing, stand, exhibition displays.
We can produce in a very short time and quickly and deliver with our logistics partners to your delivery address just in time. All production and shipment process are very fast and you are informed at all stages of your delivery.
Our main mission is delivery on time with a reasonable price and high quality of all your demands.
We are your first hand partner for all your demands about signs and your one and only supporter to make your brand a star in eyes of your customers.

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